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WDA360 understands the unique challenges faced by organizations striving to make a difference. Our services are tailored to assist non-profits in reaching their financial objectives. We specialize in developing and executing successful fundraising strategies that encompass donor engagement, event planning, and overall fundraising tactics.


By partnering with us, your organization can expect expert guidance and support to elevate your fundraising efforts, ultimately enabling you to make a remarkable impact on the causes you serve. Let's work together to make your fundraising goals a reality.

Major Donor Acquisition

We understand the significance of securing major gifts to empower non-profits in advancing their missions. Our approach involves personalized strategies tailored to each organization's unique needs, focusing on relationship-building, targeted outreach, and compelling storytelling to inspire major donor support. WDA360's approach helps non-profits  strategically expand their donor base, secure larger contributions, and create lasting partnerships with individuals who are passionate about driving positive change. Let us work alongside your non-profit to leverage major donor acquisition as a key driver for your success.


CRM Management

A good CRM is the backbone to any development department. We specialize in implementing comprehensive, user-friendly CRM solutions that enable non-profit organizations to effectively track and manage client interactions, improve communication, and personalize their services. We understand the significance of building trust and understanding with clients, and our approach involves tailoring CRM strategies to meet the unique needs of each organization. We help non-profits enhance client satisfaction, streamline their operations, and ultimately, make a more significant impact within their communities.


Direct Mail

We love creating compelling content, designing eye-catching materials, and implementing strategic mailing processes to effectively reach and engage donors. We understand the importance of personalized and persuasive direct mail strategies to inspire support for your cause. By leveraging our services, non-profits can expect to maximize their outreach efforts and cultivate stronger connections with their donor base.


Donor Engagement

Our goal is to help non-profit organizations build and cultivate meaningful connections with their supporters. We understand the importance of engaging and retaining donors, and we specialize in developing tailored strategies that encompass personalized communication, impactful storytelling, and targeted outreach. Our approach involves creating comprehensive donor engagement plans that align with each organization's unique mission and goals. By leveraging our expertise, non-profits can expect to deepen donor relationships, increase loyalty, and ultimately, secure ongoing support for their cause.

Get in Touch

Jenna Lawrence

Cell: 702.428.2666

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