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Public Policy

With over 15 years of experience, Geoffrey specializes in public policy research and analysis, encompassing coalition building, drafting legislation, and providing public testimony support. With a deep understanding of the intricate policy landscape, we excel in collaborating with diverse stakeholders to build coalitions that advocate for impactful legislative change. Additionally, our expertise extends to meticulously crafting draft legislation that aligns with client objectives and resonates with decision-makers.


Further, we offer comprehensive support for public testimony, aiding clients in articulating their perspectives with clarity and persuasiveness before legislative bodies. By leveraging our services, clients gain access to strategic insights and actionable recommendations, empowering them to navigate and influence public policy with precision and impact.

Drug Policy

With a keen focus on the complexities of drug regulation, enforcement, and public health impact, our research services aim to provide actionable recommendations and innovative solutions to address a wide array of drug-related challenges. Whether it's assessing the implications of new legislation, evaluating the impact of drug policies on public health, or analyzing trends in substance abuse, our expertise enables clients to make informed decisions and implement strategies that drive positive change. Let us put our extensive experience in drug policy research to work for you, providing valuable perspectives and strategic foresight to help you navigate and influence the policy landscape effectively.


Fiscal Policy

We provide comprehensive insights into the dynamics of government spending, fiscal policy trends, and their implications. Our meticulous analysis assists businesses, non-profit organizations, and governmental entities in making informed decisions, optimizing resource allocation, and advocating for initiatives that align with fiscal policy priorities. Through our expert research and strategic analysis, clients gain a comprehensive understanding of how government spending and fiscal policy affect their operations, enabling them to navigate complex financial landscapes and drive positive outcomes.


Nevada-based Policy

Home Means Nevada, and as long-time Nevada-residents, we specialize in providing Nevada-focused public policy research services, offering a deep understanding of the unique policy landscape within the state. We conduct in-depth analysis and provide informed insights on a broad range of Nevada-specific policy issues. Our research services are tailored to offer actionable recommendations and innovative solutions that specifically address the legislative, regulatory, and public affairs challenges within the state. 


Research and Analysis

WDA360 offers comprehensive services aimed at delivering in-depth insights and actionable data-driven strategies. We leverage advanced statistical methodologies and cutting-edge analytical tools to provide thorough assessments, predictive modeling, and trend analysis. From market research to performance evaluations, our quantitative approach allows us to uncover patterns, trends, and actionable findings to drive informed decision-making. Our meticulous analysis empowers businesses to optimize strategies, enhance operational efficiency, and gain a competitive edge in their respective industries. Let us partner with you to harness the power of quantitative research, enabling your organization to make data-informed decisions and realize your strategic objectives with confidence.

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Geoffrey Lawrence

Cell: 202.459.7887

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